Micro Soldering Training


Micro Soldering Training

Stop Assuming the issue and Learn to repair it

A 5 Day Advanced Micro Soldering Training Class that focuses on iPhone, iPad and Samsung motherboard repair.  Learn to use high end, brand name tools such as, Hakko, Weller, Crest, Tektronix, Fluke, AmScope and much more.  Our training facility does not just let our student train with Expensive quality soldering equipment, we also provide ESD Safe work stations fully equipped with all the auxiliary hand tools to repair any board level issue.  You are required to have basic knowledge of cellphone repair in order to take this class, as we do not teach how to take apart devices in this training.  We offer a 5 day entry level class to get you started, that teaches you “the how to’s” of cell phone repair.  As we move forward in the repair industry for smartphones, we see the huge market for Micro Soldering from general customers, online mail-ins and wholesale markets from local repair shops.

With our 5 day Advanced Micro Soldering Training you will learn how to test every component for voltage, shorts, connections using Proper digital multimeters, power supplies, schematics and Board view applications.   In just five days we will prepare you for success and complete your repair skill to turn YOU into a true master repair technician.

What You Will Learn

Tools and Equipment

  • Use and Functions
  • Maintenance
  • Where to Purchase
  • Brand awareness

Hot Air Rework | Reflow

  • Preparation and Protection
  • Assisting tools
  • techniques and skills
  • Temperature and Airflow

Hand Soldering

  • Tip Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Adding and Removing Solder
  • Assisting soldering tools
  • Proper solder flowing

Schematics | Board Views

  • Learn to read and use schematics
  • Use Board view programs
  • Easy to Use and Acquire
  • A must have to complete any board repair

Components and Chips

  • Resistors, Diodes, capacitors, Filters and Coils
  • Learn to test, read and measure components
  • Learn IC Chips and Functions
  • How to Reball and Replace

Liquid Damage Repair

  • Equipment and Use
  • Step by Step Procedure
  • Guaranteed Increased success rate
  • More profitability

Power Supply | Multimeter

Hard Drive Repair | Upgrade

Most repair shops seek the right ways to change board components.  With common issues like the iPad Mini Touch FPC connector,  iPhone 6 Back light, and the iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC.  At Wireless Repair Training Center’s Micro Soldering Training Class you will gain the skills need to perform any micro soldering repair.

If your on our site for Micro Soldering Training for iPhones, then most have watched the youtube videos teaching how to solder with quarters and shields for protection,  in our Micro Soldering Training Class you will learn proper thermal protection, actual rework soldering temperatures, we will not tell you to turn your temperatures to a scorching 350 degrees celsius to remove or replace components.  We will show you how to properly use your airflow and temperatures to remove IC Chips, FPC Connectors and other replaceable Micro Soldering Part.

Training Since 2008 and being an industry leader with over 3,000 students, Wireless Repair Training Center will prepare you for success.  Register Now and get ready to bring repairs to the next level.

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