5 Day Cellular Repair Training Course – $1500

Wireless Repair Training Center separates you from the rest of the repair shops, as we provide our students the full knowledge of selected skills to add more profits to their business. Our Cellular Repair Training Class trains with true up to date repair issues from our retail stores.  Other Training Schools simply reiterate what is already on many websites or what they learn on popular video sites but Wireless Repair Training Center passes on a true customer experience.

Where do I start?
Although we have other classes to take, most of our students start with our Smart Phone and iPhone Course. This class covers all the nuts & bolts you need to handle any repair issue.  Designed to start you with the basic skills and build them in 5 days to understand the simplicity it takes to replace parts such as touch screens assemblies, batteries, flex cables, charging ports, microphones, unlocking and much much more..

Our 5 Day Cellular Repair Training Consists of:

  • Advanced Smart Phone Repair

    • Detailed disassembly of smartphones.
    • How to replace touch screen digitizers.
    • How to replace LCD’s.
    • Operating System Unbricking.
    • OS Software Installation.
    • Unlocking by unlocking boxes (unlimited).
    • Charging port replacement.
    • Antenna service issue repair.
    • Water damage treatment process.
    • Flex ribbon replacement.
    • Volume switch replacement.
    • Flex ribbon soldering.
    • Ribbon connector replacement.
    • No power issue repair.
  • iPhone Repair

    • Full day for iPhone repair including 5S to 6S
    • Proper take apart techniques.
    • Component overview diagrams.
    • How to replace touch screen digitizers.
    • How to replace LCD’s.
    • How to replace headphone jacks.
    • How to replace vibrators.
    • How to replace WiFi, service antenna, pin connectors.
    • How to replace on board components.
    • How to replace sim card slot.
    • How to replace USB ports.
    • Water Damage Treatment.
    • How to repair “No Service” issues on iPhones.
    • iPhones repair techniques differ as we will cover in each model.
  • Level II & III On Board Soldering

    1. Acquire skills for basic soldering
      • Knowledge of basic soldering peripherals.
      • Learn applying and removing soldering techniques.
      • Circuit Bridging and Circuit Jumper Techniques.
    2. Acquire skills in Hot Air Reflowing
      • Proper maintenance of Reflow equipment.
      • Knowledge of Reflow peripherals.
      • Understanding concepts and techniques.
    3. Learn how to remove on board components
      • Charging Ports, HDMI ports, volume, camera and Power Switches, Sim card slots, vibrators, memory card slots, microphones.
      • RF Shielding Removal.
      • Component replacement i.e, IC, fuses, resistors, inductors…
  • Android and iOS Operating System

    • Learn to Jailbreak/Root.
    • Password removing.
    • Repair Soft Bricked Androids.
    • Utilize and understand software for Android operating systems.
    • Installations and updating Android & iOS software.
    • Unlocking & repairing of GSM Handset via IMEI and by unlocking Dongles.
    • Android firmware upgrading and downgrading.
    • Flashing GSM Handset to repair operating system.
  • Business Marketing, Strategies & Operations

    • Learn how to expose your business online through various social media and online websites.
    • Assistance in website SEO web search positioning.
    • Learn to how to buy, refurbish and sell used iProducts and Cell Phones.
    • Access to our elite wholesale directories.
    • Use our live retail structure to utilize as an example to build your business layout and Repair Center.