8 Years and Growing!!!

Wireless Repair Training Center (WRTC) started in 2006 as “iGeneration,” a retail repair store primarily servicing  iPods for customers throughout the greater New York/New Jersey metropolitan areas.

Through stellar customer service and excellent clientele, our business has experienced steady growth over the past 8 years and has expanded into a myriad of areas providing device repairs, representing national wireless carriers, computer and game consoles repair.

Conducting over 100+ repairs on a daily basis across our retail locations across the United States, iGeneration has broken all barriers in the cell phone repair industry by taking larger steps forward. Here at iGeneration, we endured our success during these hard economic times and set the right foot path so that we can pass this knowledge to our students at our advanced training facilities.

Devices Repaired by iGeneration Retail Stores:

• PC & Mac Computers and Laptops
• All Branded Cellular Handsets
• All Model Apple iPods
• All Model Video Game Consoles
• Unlocking all models GSM Handsets by unlock dongles and imei
• CDMA Flashing

Wireless Repair Training Center

Established in 2008, Wireless Repair Training Center was the First Training Facility to offer a wide variety of repair training to mimic our retail repair success.  As a strong growing demand, our customers asked for training and we delivered. With a strong updated & current knowledge of today’s repair situation, Wireless Repair Training Center is the only training center in the United States that currently has live repair operations across the United States.

No other training facility in the United States offers current situations, problems and techniques that the Wireless Repair Training Center can add to your training. Our curriculum will take your business to greater heights and put you ahead of your competition distancing you from the amateurs. We will teach you even what the internet can’t. You can get started for as little as $499 for our one day and $1500 for our 5 day master certification training class.

Take advantage of today’s fastest growing retail opportunity.

The Success Continues…

The iGeneration registered trademark delivers once again.  Franchising opportunity now available!.  iGeneration will be coming into the franchise industry with a twist. As we redeveloped the cellular training industry, we now look to modify the wheel with franchising.  Our staff has been working very hard in developing an new concept franchise that will allow many franchisors to fight for an iGeneration position.  Visit us at iGenerationfranchise.com for more information.  You can even head to our home page and fill our the request form at the bottom of the page.