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Cell Phone Repair Training

Cell Phone Repair TrainingWRTC offers advanced cell phone repair training courses. Our repair courses are enhanced and designed to excel your repair skills.  With each repair program superseding each other, collectively bring the true potential of a repair technician.  We ask ourselves, how can we stand out from the other repair shops fixing iPhones and Tablets? We first have to find a Cell Phone Repair Training School adequate enough to acquire these skill sets.  Wireless Repair Training Center is your choice in achieving your goals.  At WRTC Cell Phone Repair Training facilities, we use Brand Name Repair Tools to train our students.  Using the the right tools will ensure our students precise repair skill and repair results.  Unlike the competition using inferior brand tools from china, that not only are dangerous, but also provide very low standard repair results.  Your decision on attending a cell phone repair training class matters.  Spending your hard earned money matters.  Wireless Repair Training Center has been training since 2008. Leading the wireless industry in training requires perseverance and dedication, that will provide each of our students a training experience that will impact the rest of their wireless career as a repair technician.

Cell Phone Repair Training

Cell Phone Repair Training - Wireless Repair Training Center


  • Entry Level Repairs
  • Learn the latest repair techniques that top cellular repair technicians know!
  • Learn to repair phones like the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy’s
  • Touch Screens, Power Buttons, Charging Ports and More
  • Learn how a smartphone components and functions
  • Learn to unlock phones using computer hardware
  • Acquire Top Technician Skills with our training in 5 Days
  • Join the Billion dollar industry!

Advanced Soldering & Board Repair Class

Cell Phone Repair Training - Micro Soldering Tools


  • 5 day Training on motherboard repair
  • Advanced soldering techniques and equipment maintenance
  • Level III advanced hot air reworking and soldering
  • Learn to read schematics on Apple iPhone, iPads & Samsung phones
  • Short Detection, liquid Damage, and motherboard testing
  • Learn to test diodes, filters, capacitor and coils
  • Use high end industry tools: Hakko, Crest, SRA, Weller etc..

LCD Recycling & Refurbishing Class

Cell Phone Repair Training - LCD Refurbishing Equipement


(Up to 2 Students Per Reservation)

  • profitable revenue stream for your business
  • Refurbish LCD’s For iPhones or Samsung
  • Stay one step ahead of the competition
  • Maintain your own quality Control
  • Complete Clean Room Procedure
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Utilize these skills for retail or wholesale
  • Train with the best quality equipment

Advanced Micro Soldering Board Repair Class

 A 5 Day Advanced Micro Soldering Training Class that focuses on  iPhone, iPad and Samsung motherboard repair. Learn to use high end, brand name tools such as, Hakko, Weller, Crest, Tektronix, Fluke,  AmScope and much more. Our training facility does not just let our  student train with Expensive quality soldering equipment, we also  provide ESD Safe work stations fully equipped with all the auxiliary  hand tools to repair any board level issue. You are required to have  basic knowledge of cellphone repair in order to take this class, as we do  not teach how to take apart devices in this training. We offer a 5 day  entry level cell phone repair training class to get you started which teaches you hands on to repair  smartphones that your local cell phone repair shops are offering now. As we  move forward in the repair industry for  smartphones, we see the huge market for Micro Soldering from general customers, online mail-ins and  wholesale markets from local repair shops. 

Cell Phone Repair  Training Class

Designed to get you started repairing smartphones and making money. More than 3 billion phones are circulating around the world that need to be repaired one time or another.  Ask yourself one question, who do you know that does not have a cell phone especially an iPhone.  Our Cell Phone Repair Training Course will prep you to understand how to properly tear down iPhones and Smartphone, utilizing the right tools and technique.  Learn trade secrets, skills and know hows in five days from our staff.  With 10 years experience in repairing apple products and smartphones, we have excelled far beyond other cell phone repair training schools and retail stores.  Before deciding what school to attend browse the tools sections of there website to see the cheap tools they will try to sell you at a premium price of $1,000 or more, when you get the same tools at pennies to the dollar.  Our training is not about trying up sell you on cheap tools that cannot get the job done right.  Our training is designed to teach you on the right tools,  you train on them and we tell you where to buy them. 

iPhone and Samsung LCD Refurbishing Class

 2 Days of learning how to refurbish iPhone and Samsung LCD’s.  With prices of LCD’s rising and copy LCD quality continuing to decrease, today is the time to add LCD Refurbishing to your business.  Learn the full clean room process and proper steps layer by layer to recycle your cracked glass back to new.  We use the highest quality refurbishing equipment for our retail locations and the same for training.  Each student will have the opportunity to purchase the same equipment through our discount channel our company has. Start earning high profits refurbishing iPhones and Samsung LCD’s in house to keep your retail store one step ahead of the competition.  Knowledge is power and also the key to success.  Our training programs are design to mold each student into skilled technicians using High end tools unlike our competition.  Take the time to read our article on tools not to train on and not to buy to repair your customers phones.

The Best Nationwide Smart Phone Repair Course Available

Be Part of the Fastest Growing Wireless Industry

3 Locations

Tampa, FL  –  Myrtle Beach, SC   –   Cliffside Park, NJ

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Certification? Board Certified? Licensed and Approved?

Some schools claimed to license and approved by the board of education and provide you accreditation’s that holds less value then the lint in the bottom of your pockets others promise you certifications..  After researching government agencies, board of education and any other affiliated organizations, we found no valid accreditation’s or licenses provided by any government agency for certified training on cell phone repair.  100’s of thousands dollars of hard earned money has been lost due to lies and manipulated videos to take hard earned monies from people trying to earn a living.  Federal Law protects students against businesses that portray themselves as a certification schools and these laws are punishable by federal law.  We urge any individual that has been lied to to take action and seek retribution.  Wireless Repair Training Center has been holding our cell phone repair training seminars since 2006 and has never mislead students in believing they are going to be certified students after they finish the class.  You will be well trained to handle any repair the right way, not with $50 worth of Chinese tools (being sold at a premium price) that you learn with other training facilities.

Be Aware, Be Cautious, Research before you sign up for any training class

Wireless Repair Training Center Parent Company iGeneration® a registered trademark has been in business since 2006.  A full service wireless activation and repair franchise.  Our knowledge that created our brand will be passed on through our training classes, so our students can be just as successful.  Knowledge is power, Success at your hands.  Each cell phone repair training session will be held in our own company owned state of the art training facilities located within our franchised business, where you can experience our daily business operations first hands. check out our schedule for our cell phone repair training class and get started today.

What others say about us


Thanks for everything this week. In fast as soon as i got back to new york we repaired 2 blackberries with damage and had 2 customers with happy faces.. i’ll spread the word.

Bismillah_ Abdul-Hafeez

Comming from a teaching background (Computer Programming), I can say without doubt ‘Great Job” you guys !! Higor, Juan and Master Cho, you guys are the best. I thank you for your care and concern. I had a most pleasant experience and I learn a lot. I must also say that my classmates were wonderful. Thanks Rich, Flor, Eva, Hector, Chandra, Chris and Kathy. I highly recommend this school for their teaching and life time support. You haven’t seen the last of me.

Bismillah_ Abdul-HafeezStudent
Jeff Conner

Great School!  Wonder experience i encountered with WRTC,  Must Go to School!

Jeff ConnerStudent
Shirley Mathews

Just stopped by to thank everyone at WRTC. My experience at your class was great. I never thought, not knowing anything about cell phones and gaming systems would be so easy. I am more amazed on just how many people come in to visit iGeneration on a daily basis. you would think your at apple with the way people come here. (Start taking Reservations ) LOL :) I hope i get that much business with my new shop, Well time will tell.

Shirley MathewsStudent

Its worth to spend time and energy and money with WRTC, they seemed to make everything easy to learn……they seem to have expertise in all fields like ipod repair, all types of gaming console repairs and not just cell phones…..Jamie and Joel seem to be master of all and jack of none…….it was great to learn from them and then fun to work on real time repairs in the training week……..Thanks to all at WRTC!

Michael Phillips

Thank you Jaime and Chasity for the training.  Or crew is banging out repairs and we have Wireless Repair Training in our debts..  Will send all of our Techs your way.

Michael PhillipsChicago
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